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Presenting Christ in Carmel 6/5/21

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Today we are thankful for George and Al who came to support Dan and my outreach to Carmel. Thanks also to those who prayed for us earlier or who will pray for those who heard the Gospel today.

Dan, and I both preached our own versions of the “GODISNOWHERE” painting while about 50 people were within earshot for each 20 minute message. So I think more than a hundred people heard some compelling reasons to belie

ve “God is now here” rather than “God is no where”. For the kind of presentations we do, this is a good spot because there’s a steady flow of people meandering up or down the hill from Ocean Avenue to the beach, lines of people waiting by the parking lot and public bathrooms and stopping to rest and take in the ocean views. So we had a handful of good gospel conversations with Christians and non-Christians, adults and kids, travelers and locals who were interested in what we were painting and preaching. One of the benefits of open air preaching is being able to cast the seed of the gospel broadly to many people at once.

But one of the challenges is not getting to see or hear how everyone is responding to it, so we trust God to cause those seeds to grow In the hearts who are open. “Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not lose heart.” So let’s continue to patiently present Christ everywhere he leads us, by all means as he gives us opportunity. because if we sow t

he word bountifully, we will reap bountifully, but if we sow sparingly we will reap sparingly. How shall they hear of Jesus without a preacher being sent? So thank you for sending us out with your prayers and support. if you’d like to support to the work of OAC NorCal, you can give to either funds of Dan Beaudoin or Brenten Powers at

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Praying now for watering of seeds. Will join you as God gives me time/strength.

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