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6/12/21 “Here I am send me” - Artist on a mission in Monterey.

Today, I brought my paints and portfolio of sketches to Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf for 4 hours of Gospel presentations, conversations and demonstrations to see what God can do with one missionary who makes himself approachable to thousands people passing by.

I didn’t have a preaching partner or team of supportive listeners to start with, so i was honestly not feeling as much boldness to just start preaching, so I prayed that I would be led by God’s Spirit as I set up my easel, folding table and opened my portfolio to page one. Before I knew it I had 1 young man coming up to see what I was setting up. As I explained I’m an artist and a missionary and I like to use art to talk with people about Jesus, a second young man stopped and joined the conversation and then a third. So I got a rolling start sharing the Gospel multiple times, using a dry erase markers on multiple sketches in the portfolio. And as one person had to go, we fist bumped and I continued talking about Jesus with whoever was there, from single men to Christian families and even some old friends stopped by. Mostly believers approached me who were interested in my art and message but as I shared with them others stopped to listen, so that seemed to be how the Spirit led today. So I was off to the races for a couple hours until I found myself without an audience. There were dozens of people passing by on their way to/from the wharf so I opened my Bible to find something to read and preach from in the open air, but again, out of the crowd, one person at a time would walk right up to my table to talk, ask a question or just encourage me that they we‘re glad I was out there presenting Christ.

Please pray for one unnamed young man who thought he could be a “wicken Christian”. I did record video of our conversation and I might share it later, but rest assured i did share the gospel with him and warned him about the evil spirits he was getting involved with. Pray also for those who were encouraged by my example that they may go and start reaching out to their communities in Jesus name with whatever tools God has equipped them with.

Special shout out to my old friend Larry outside of Nashville, who saw us carrying a cross on social media, made his own cross and took it out to the streets with a neat sign and New Testaments and had a great report of several great gospel centered conversation. And thanks to my friend Al who kept me company for the last half hour even though he had a sunburn and was planning to evangelize with another team on Alvarado as soon as he helped me pack up at 6pm.

I guess the lesson for today is this, God can use one person who makes themself available and approachable, with a heart to share Christ unashamed with anyone who will stop and listen. Praise God that he can use one available person, like me, even when I’m not feeling bold, and praise him for sending Christians to encourage one another to continue spreading his word from one person to the next, one city to the next, until the whole world hears.

If you would like to come the next time I’m reaching out at the Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf, I will be there again in 2 weeks, every other Saturday from 2pm to 6pm. To support this work financially, you can give at by selecting the fund for “Powers, Brentrn and Lena”. Thank you!

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