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A Christian Show on Secular Radio??

Brenten and I have had the privilege of sharing Christ on a local radio station in Santa Cruz for several years now. We've been guests on an afternoon drive talk show called Flight 1080 on KSCO Radio (1080AM). During these shows we've have a chance to talk with Dave, the host, about his questions (he's not a Christian, but has been reading through the Bible), answer questions from callers, and share the Gospel, often at length, and without restriction. Its been an amazing opportunity, and Dave has been inviting us to join him almost every month. Our next show is this Friday from 4PM to 6PM. We love this ministry, and the audience seems to like it too. We certainly get plenty of interesting callers.

But now, we have an even more exciting opportunity. We have been given our own weekly radio show! Despite the fact that KSCO is a secular station, we will now have an hour time slot on Sunday mornings starting at 11AM. This show will be pre-recorded rather than live, and we will be talking about the basics of the faith for non-believers, and answering commonly asked questions and objections to the faith. We're very excited, and looking forward not only to sharing about God's word, but continuing to interact with our local community. We'll be taking questions from listeners through our Facebook page, and through emails sent to

So, we are hoping you will listen in and help us get the word out, and for the believers out there, we need your help. Both Brenten and I will continue our regular street ministry. Both of us also work part-time to help pay the bills, but would much rather spend that time out on the streets, or on show prep. I would ask that you pray for us, and consider whether you would be able to support one or both of us financially.

Also, if you or someone you know has a small business, the show provides an advertising opportunity. For $75 your business can sponsor one of our shows! We can write a script for you or you can provide your own, and we'll tell our listening audience about your business. The cost is low, and since the show will go to podcast and likely to YouTube too, you'll have access to a lot of potential customers.

So, please pray for us, listen in if you have questions, and reach our if you'd like to know more. Our website and giving links are below. Thanks!

Dan B.

OAC Norcal

Our local page -

To support us -

To email us -


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