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6/19/21 Beating the Heat In Santa Cruz

Last week's heat wave in Silicon Valley and Central Valley brought huge crowds to beaches on the Central coast. So Saturday, our team (Brian, Dan, Nick and I) had had lots of opportunities to have cool gospel-centered conversations with a variety of characters.

Although people seem tough on the outside, we believe God's grace can soften the hardest heart, and several people thanked us for sharing our message with them. One woman (pictured below) approached me saying she had a question there was no answer to, but after I shared some scriptures dealing with her situation, she was willing to pray with me for her and her family. I also talked to a man (see photo below) about why he needed to beat the heat of God's judgment, although he thought he was a good person who was going to reincarnate after death, I had to warn him about God's law, judgment and wrath if he dies without receiving Christ's forgiveness. Looking back it was a lot of fun in the Son, shining the light and love of Jesus to the world.

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