First Fridays in Campbell

We are sharing the Gospel tonight in downtown Campbell. Please pray for us, and for those who will hear and recieve tracts. We'll update everyone later tonight.

Update from Dan: It was a very good night! We had several Christian friends join us, and a number of Christians stopped by and were encouraged as well. Nick and Richmond did a great job handing out tracts and chatting with people. A local mother and her two sons as well as a gentleman from Cameroon, all believers, heard the Gospel and were encouraged to share their faith. A lady named Theressa, seen in the picture below. Heard the Gospel from Brenten and may have made a profession of faith. She is homeless, and a regular in Campbell. I've preached the Gospel to her several times. Please pray that God continues drawing her, and that her profession of faith is genuine. Also, please pray for all those who received tracts and had shorter conversations will feel the weight of the Gospel and either come to faith, or be encouraged to share their faith. Thanks!

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